Mr. J.S. Uberoi

Chairman, International Cultural
Promotions Ltd.


“Bangkok’s International Festival of Dance and Music is now in its 18th year. Today, it’s a cultural entity of note. We started rather modestly with just six performances and 200 artists, today it has evolved into a programme of great magnitude featuring over 20 performances spread over five weeks with more than a thousand artistes taking to the stage each year.

Our objective was to create a positive image for Bangkok and help improve the standard of performing arts in the country by exposing the youth to the best from around the world.

We have been continuously delighted by the response of the audiences, which has grown in number year on year. The Festival has also succeeded in renewing the interest of the youth in the classical arts – the number of ballet schools has gone up to over 20 from just three and after we introduced the first opera in the year 2000, today Bangkok can boast of its own two opera companies. Also among our firsts is the first Broadway musical to be ever staged in Bangkok:

“West Side Story”. Ever since BEC Tero and Scenaro have brought in numerous musicals like ‘Cats’ and ‘Phantom of the Opera’.

We will continue to play the lead to ensure that our audience benefits from our diverse and stimulating programming.

I would sincerely like to thank the audience for their patronage, without which we would not have achieved what we have already. I would also like to thank our sponsors for their unstinting support The Festival has been a labour of love for me. The journey has not been easy but it has been encouraging. I look forward to a time when Bangkok is ranked on par with other cultural capitals of the world, a time when local artists start contributing in a big way on a global stage. That would give me satisfaction.”