FIREBIRD AND RITE OF SPRING, Moscow State Classical Ballet, Russia

FIREBIRD AND RITE OF SPRING, Moscow State Classical Ballet, Russia

FIREBIRD AND RITE OF SPRING, Moscow State Classical Ballet, Russia

Friday October 05, 2018 (7.30 pm)

Supported by Embassy of Russia

Part I: 48 mins
Part II: 36 mins
Intermission: 20 mins

Composer: Igor Stravinsky
Part I: The Firebird
Libretto: Based on the fairy tale by A.N. Afanasiev
Choreographers: Natalia Kasatkina, Vladimir Vasilyov
Sets and costumes: Elizaveta Dvorkina

Part II: The Rite of Spring
Libretto & Choreography: Natalia Kasatkina, Vladimir Vasilyov
Production Design: T. Bruni, Elizaveta Dvorkina

Ticket Prices : 4,000 / 3,000 / 2,500 / 2,000 / 1,500 Baht 

The Moscow State Classical Ballet is called, the “Ensemble of Stars,” as their soloists are much in demand for international ballet competitions. They have won 19 gold medals, received 5 prizes and 2 Grand Prix of the Paris Academy of Dance. The company has been granted the title of “Academic Theatre,” by the Russian government and has performed in more than 30 countries around the world and over 200 cities in Russia.

The Firebird is based on a Russian folk tale about a powerful, good spirit whose feathers offer protection. While hunting in the forest, the heroic Prince Ivan strays into the magical realm of the evil sorcerer Kashchei. Prince Ivan chases and captures the firebird but spares her life. As an appreciation of sparing her life, the bird gives Ivan a magic feather that will bring her to his side when he needs help. As it happens, Ivan falls in love with a princess who is under the spell of Kashchei. He must rescue her and with the intervention of the Firebird, Ivan destroys Kashchei and his followers to free his princess.

The Rite of Spring details the tale of a pagan Slavic tribe that gathers for a sacred feast devoted to spring. During the feast, one of the girls has to be sacrificed to the Sun God according to the choice of the ‘Possessed’. The chosen one is the Shepherd’s love, who he now has to find a way to save her. A protest against barbarity and brutality begins to rage in his heart.