Lady Zhaojun, Li Yugang, China

Lady Zhaojun, Li Yugang, China

Lady Zhaojun, Li Yugang, China

Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 October (7.30pm)
Director : Li Xiaoping
Music : Zhang Xiaozhen
Duration : 97 minutes (1 hour 37 mins)(No Intermission)
Ticket Prices :
 4500 / 3500 / 3000 / 2500 / 1500 Baht

Multi-award winning singer, Li Yugang, celebrated as China’s National Treasure, stars as ‘Lady Zhaojun’, in this theatrical musical, accompanied by 70 singers and dancers. This is the first performance of Lady Zhaojun outside China after its premiere in Beijing earlier this year. A contemporary interpretation of a classic story of one of China’s legendary ancient beauties, the performance is on a grand scale with elaborate sets and stunning costumes.

The winner of several international awards along with  ‘Outstanding Asian Artist Award’,  Li Yugang is a legendary figure in China. His following in China and across the world is in the millions and he has performed in Europe, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Canada,  United States. In 2009 he brought his solo show “ Imperial Splendor” to the Sidney Opera House.

Li Yugang has connected the enigmatic orient of the past and its traditional “fan chuan” or “nan dan” (cross-dressing) performance in Chinese Opera to the 21st century. He draws deeply on the traditions of Chinese opera, folk music and drama while energizing it with newer innovations. This grand musical that incorporates the music and dance styles of Inner Mongolia and the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-AD 220), as well as gorgeous costumes and stage effects, all highlighted by Li’s magically sweet and melodious voice and graceful acting.

“Lady Zhaojun” is based on the legend of Wang Zhaojun, an ancient Chinese beauty from the Han Dynasty around 2,000 years ago. Li portrays the classic image of Zhaojun, who volunteered to marry the ruler of a powerful nomadic group on the then-border of northern China, to maintain peace between the two sides.

After the premiere in Beijing Li said “The audience’s enthusiasm touched me a lot, I heard they sang along with me as if they were watching a concert, though it’s a theater drama. It’s a positive result of our efforts in the past six years. Meanwhile, it marks a fresh beginning on my journey to pursue art. I belong to the stage, and I belong to the arts. I know the biggest difficulty in the future is to make a breakthrough beyond my current self, and I will never stop trying to achieve that.”






 李玉刚 昭君出塞

10月5-6 日(19.30)

票价: THB4,500/3,500/3,000/2,500/1,500 (泰铢)