Lady Zhaojun by Li Yugang, China

Lady Zhaojun by Li Yugang, China

Lady Zhaojun by Li Yugang, China

Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 October (7.30pm)
Director : Li Xiaoping และ Liu Xingli
Art Designer : Ye Jintian (Academy Award “Oscar” – Best Art-Direction)
Music : Zhang Xiaozhen
Playwriter : Fang Wenshan
Duration : 122 mins
Intermission : 20 mins

Ticket Prices : 4500 / 3500 / 3000 / 2500 / 1500 Baht

Multi-award winning singer, Li Yugang, celebrated as China’s National , stars as ‘Lady Zhaojun’, in this theatrical dance drama, accompanied by 70 singers and dancers. This is the first performance of Lady Zhaojun  outside China after its premiere in  Beijing earlier this year. A contemporary interpretation of a classic story of one of China’s legendary ancient beauties, the performance is on a grand scale with elaborate sets and stunning costumes.

The winner of  several international awards along with  ‘Outstanding Asian Artist Award’,  Li Yugang is a legendary figure in China. His following in China and across Asia is in the millions and he has performed in Australia, Austria, India, Japan, Singapore, Canada,  France South Korea, and United States.

Li Yugang has connected the enigmatic orient of the past and its traditions to the 21st century, drawing deeply on the traditions of Chinese opera, folk music and drama while energizing it with newer innovations. Li Yugang has roped in Ye Jintian, Oscar Best Art Design Award winner, as the art designer, and Fang Wenshan, famous Chinese lyrist as litterateur  and playwright manager. The play combines the splendour of mountains and rivers along Zhaojun’s path with the subtlety of stage art and technology to present a beautiful recounting of the tale of this legendary heroine and the sacrifice she made for peace between the Han dynasty and Xiongnu empire.

‘Bridging the past and the present, connecting the enigmatic Orient to the 21st century… the embodiment of Chinese heritage and innovation in performing arts’