Rusalka, three-acts opera, Ekaterinburg Opera Theatre, Russia

Rusalka, three-acts opera, Ekaterinburg Opera Theatre, Russia

Rusalka, three-acts opera
Ekaterinburg Opera Theatre, Russia

Friday 13th September (7.30pm)

Composer: Antonin Dvorak
Konstantin Chudovsky
Music Director: Oliver von Dohnanyi
 Choreographer: Vyacheslav Samodurov
Stage Director:
Tomaš Pilař
Set Designer: Pavel Kodeda
Costume Designer: Ivana Mikloškova
Lighting Designer:
Daniel Tesař
Chorus Director: Anzhelika Grozina

Act I:  50 mins; Act II:  45 mins; Act III: 50 mins
Intermission: Two;  20 mins each

Ticket Prices : 5000 / 4000 / 3000 / 2500 / 1500 Baht

An opera in three acts, sung in Czech, Rusalka  by Antonin Dvorak, is the story of an immortal water nymph, who falls in love with a prince and yearns to become human. Its bewitching score explores the mysterious and disturbing universe of this Slavic fairytale. Of Dvořák’s ten operas, only Rusalka has found a permanent place in the international repertoire.

The difference between humans, and supernatural is one of the central themes of  this opera and  Dvorak’s music for the two worlds maintains the divide between their essential natures.

One of Russia’s leading opera theatres, Ekaterinburg Opera Theatre’s production of Rusalka is a spellbinding experience that showcases the opera house’s talent and cements its position as the creative and cultural centre of Russia;  the opera theatre since 2010, has been nominated 83 times for the ‘Golden Mask’ awards and received 15 awards.