STUNNING VIRTUOSITY, Ju Percussion Group, Taipei

STUNNING VIRTUOSITY, Ju Percussion Group, Taipei

Stunning Virtuosity, Ju Percussion Group, Taipei
Powerful, breath-taking percussion

Sunday September 16,2018 (7.30 pm)

Supported by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Thailand

Part I: 50 mins
Part II: 40 mins
Intermission: 20 mins

Founder and Artistic Director: Ju Tzong-Ching

Ticket Prices : 2,500 / 2,200 / 1,800 / 1,500 / 1,000 Baht 

For an evening of stunning virtuoso drumming, powerful and passionate percussion, the Ju Percussion Group blends tradition and modernity.  A ‘balancing of East and West’ as they weave rhythms and patterns on large drums, gongs, marimbas and all kinds of percussion instruments. The stunning production with its high-intensity choreography and showmanship is a must for fans of percussion theatre.

A star of the world stage, the Ju Percussion Group’s signature concert, Stunning Virtuosity features pieces drawn from a repertoire of some 220 commissioned works tailor-made for the ensemble from the past 30-plus years. Stunning Virtuosity is full of modern, experimental, and cross-disciplinary elements that transcend the boundaries between classical, modern, world, pop, and other musical genres. To date, the group has played in 31 different countries around the world including Austria, UK, Germany, and Hungary.